Mitchel Meyers

Mitchel Meyers, a currently active Law Enforcement Officer started his career in January 2014, was responsible for training newly assigned patrol deputies in basic and advanced law enforcement tactics and marksmanship. He is a certified SWAT operator, Field Training Officer, and instructor in Defensive Tactics, Taser, (HB93) Dealings with the Mentally Impaired, Stop the Bleed, and DARE.

Meyers was appointed Interim Chief of Police where he implemented a Strategic Response Team that was set to become part of the tri-county team and took part in developing multiple operational plans in order to safeguard his community including a multi agency training scenario with US Border Patrol, NM State Police, local county and city law enforcement departments, fire departments, dispatch and EMS. Additionally, Meyers worked alongside the United States Special Operations Command (USSOCOM) Training Division in planning and executing training exercises for special operations personnel. Meyers has hundreds of advanced training hours, countless hours of training for officers from various law enforcement agencies, and has received multiple advanced law enforcement certifications.

Meyers felt it was time to implement change in the training realm along with his full time law enforcement career to transfer his knowledge to civilians, other law enforcement officers and military personnel. He believes preparation for life's pending challenges and threats is paramount for us as citizens and protectors of this great nation. Training with Meyers and Berserker Tactical will enable you to elevate as an individual, defender, and protector. We must train to a higher standard of excellence.