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Berserker Tactical

Berserker Pistol 1

Berserker Pistol 1

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This 1 day course focuses on the fundamentals of pistol shooting and prepares the attendee for future, more advanced pistol courses. Safety, Range etiquette, Proper Loading/Unloading Procedures, Press checks, Equipment, Fundamentals rules of marksmanship, Clearing malfunctions, Common mistakes of shooting, Situational awareness, and having a Berserker(Warrior) mindset, are the main focal points of this course.
Though this training is designed for beginners, it has more real-world knowledge transfer/shooting drills and everyone should always go over the fundamentals on a consistent basis.

Approximately 7 hours including live-fire training and an hour lunch break.

Course will be held in Rio Rancho NM and location details will be sent via email as the course approaches.

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