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Berserker Tactical

Berserker Rifle 3

Berserker Rifle 3

This 2-day course combines prior skills taught in Berserker Rifle 1 and Rifle 2 courses to test the students overall knowledge and ability. Rifle 3 brings out the inner Berserker Warrior as attendees will be challenged in multiple evolutions of fire both individually and in groups.

Expect more movement and a wide range of different shooting positions. Attendees are not expected to be Olympic Athletes but they will be challenged physically and mentally.

Day 2 will include an intro to field trauma care which will be incorporated into scenarios.

This course will include force-on-force scenarios. Protective equipment, the training guns/ammo for the force-on-force portion will be provided. Berserker Pistol 2 required to be eligible. Approximately 18 hours including live-fire training and a hour lunch break each day. Remember the “Body will not go where the mind hasn’t!”

Who Can Attend?

All U.S citizens ages 18 and up that are legally allowed to own/purchase/possess a firearm.

What Do You Need?

• A quality AR/AK Platform
• Rifle sling
• 3 rifle magazines with belt mounted pouch or plate carrier with pouches
• 600 rounds of ammunition New Factory Ammo is recommended.
• Eye/Ear protection
• Weapon maintenance kit"


• Sunscreen/ bugspray
• Lots of water/snacks
• Clothing conducive to weather
• Note taking material"

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