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Berserker Tactical

Privately Requested Pistol or Rifle Courses

Privately Requested Pistol or Rifle Courses

This 2 day Pistol or Rifle course is privately requested and you Must Have the Code from the requester to gain access.

This course includes advance Pistol/Rifle tactics, weapon transitions, shooting on the move, barricade shooting, combat rescue drills, team competition and much more.

Approximately 8 hours a day including live-fire training each day and a lunch break. Contact us to schedule a course.

Who Can Attend?

• All U.S citizens ages 18 years of age and are legally allowed to own/purchase/possess a firearm.
• Must have the code from the course requester.

What Do You Need?

• A quality Pistol AR or AK rifle
• Rifle Sling, Pistol Holster, belt and pouches
• 3 Pistol magazines 3 rifle magazines with at least one belt-mounted pouch for rifle and or plate carrier with pouch
• 400 rounds of ammunition New Factory Ammo is recommended for pistol and 400 for Rifle.
• Eye/Ear protection
• Weapon maintenance kit


• Sunscreen/ bug spray
• Lots of water/snacks
• Clothing conducive to weather
• Note-taking material

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