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Berserker Tactical

Berserker Survival (Law Enforcement Only)

Berserker Survival (Law Enforcement Only)

Berserker Survival

This physically and mentally challenging training course is designed to introduce the Law Enforcement Officer to survival defensive tactics combined with Jiu Jitsu techniques, precision firearms training, warrior mindset, training methodologies and complacency in Law Enforcement. These are just some of the topics covered in this action packed 20-hour course. Tuition for this course is $475 per student.

Special Guest Speaker night prior to 2 day training

The intense training of our Berserker Survival course will enable the Law Enforcement Officer to better
assimilate their oath to Protect and Serve. The course is focused on executing slow and deliberate Jiu
Jitsu techniques and weapons tactics. Emphasis will be placed on officer safety, the ability to select the
proper course of action, when to execute and most importantly, Returning Home. This course consists of
a minimum of 20 hours of instruction, rolling on the mats and range/weapon tactics to better prepare Law Enforcement Officers for a hands on or deadly encounter.

Course Length:
2+ Days/20 Hours

Topics Covered:
• The night prior to training (1600-2000hrs), topics discussed-LE Complacency, Training Methodologies, preparedness, mental health and special guest will present to the attendees.
• The following 2 days, will begin on the mats at (0800hrs) and will go until lunch.
• The class will meet at the range finishing off each day with multiple drills individually and implementing pairs/teams

Required Equipment:
All Personal Protective Equipment: gloves, eye and ear protection, ballistic vest/plate carriers if worn on duty. Duty or tactical belt kit. Tactical rifle with sling, three mags and 300 rounds of rifle ammo.
Handgun, three mags, holster, pouches and 300 rounds of pistol ammo. Weather related clothing and personal hydration. Personal or department red/blue guns for Defensive Tactics scenarios. Note taking material and gun maintenance kits.

Fit for Duty:
Students are required to actively participate in these exercises and drills as part of their successful completion requirements.
Students with physical conditions that may impair their ability to participate are responsible for contacting their physician for medical clearance prior to enrollment. Conditions requiring such consultation include but are not limited to high blood pressure, heart problems, lung problems, to include bronchitis and asthma, or allergies.
Berserker Tactical will not assume responsibility for any students who do not seek medical consultation prior to course participation.

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Who Can Attend?

All U.S Law Enforcement Officers

What Do You Need?

• A quality semi-automatic pistol
• At least a level II retention holster(no Blackhawk level I holsters)
• 3 pistol magazines with belt mounted pouch
• 300 rounds of ammunition New Factory Ammo is recommended.
• A quality carbine platform
• Rifle Sling
• 3 rifle magazines with belt mounted pouch or tactical vest with pouches
• 300 rounds of ammunition. New factory Ammo recommended.
• Eye/Ear protection
• Weapon maintenance kit
• Tactical or BDU type pants and top for range
and shorts and or rash quarts for mats.
• Mouth guards are recommended for the morning mat sessions


• Sunscreen/ bugspray
• Lots of water/snacks
• Clothing conducive to weather
• Shorts, T shirts, or rash guards for mats
• Note taking material

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