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Berserker Tactical

Berserker Fitness Programming

Berserker Fitness Programming

Berserker Tactical offers multiple fitness programs for the beginner or advanced gym goer!

These programs are an excellent option at a great price. Berserker Dumbbell, Berserker Bulk, Viking Shred, Berserker Strong and The Last Berserker(Functional Fitness) programs are a great way to change up your programming and become a Berserker Warrior. Each program is 12 weeks.

(Coming October 20th) Berserker Tactical Dumbbell Only Program- This program is suitable for all but is a great program to start with or focus on building strength. Dumbbells are versatile and can be used to target a wide range of muscle groups. Most gym and hotels have dumbbells so if you travel a lot this is perfect for you.

(Coming Soon) Berserker Bulk- Focuses on becoming as YOKED AS POSSIBLE! The goal is to smash your way through those shield walls to reach the gains on the other side!

The program has some meal options for the bulk and those that are hard gainers. In the program the option is available  for beginners to start with a 4 day a week lifting split or more advanced gym goers 5-6 days a week. If you want to look like a boat carrying axe yielding Warrior, this is the bulk for you.


(Coming Soon) Viking Shred- Working on burning off that extra layer you gained from the summer raids isn’t an easy task! This program focuses on becoming the most shredded out version of yourself! Utilizing a higher rep count and active rest days this programs will help shred that weight. This program to comes with some sample meal ideas for cutting.


(Coming Soon) The Last Berserker-  Yeah we can bulk up and lean down to look savage as we square up on the battle field but in reality it is the Pure Strength and Endless Conditioning of the warrior that will win the fight and ultimately secures your place in Valhalla! This programming is designed for strength building and “functional fitness”. Like the last known Berserker who stood on a bridge alone and single handed chopped down 40+ men, this program will help you tap into your hidden strength and feel like you have more power/endurance through the day.

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